Definition: Spatial characteristics of the resource.

Obligation: Optional

Repeatable: True

Range: Place

Input Guidelines

Access Guidelines

DPLA MAP v4 Usage: Spatial characteristics of described resource, such as a country, city, region, address or other geographical term. Captures aboutness.

Entries in the Place field should reflect geographic entities related to the resource. This includes geographic entities that the resource is about, entities considered related in other ways , and/or entities that are related to production (e.g. place of publication). The entity should be expressed using the preferred form of a Place name.

If there are approximate geographic entities related to the resource, e.g. “10 miles south of Atlanta,” include this detailed information in the description (e.g. “Letter indicates it was written “10 miles south of Atlanta.”), and use the most appropriate standardized geographic location in the Place field (e.g. Georgia).

Preservation Guidelines

This field is not included in the preservation package.