Definition: Additional information about the described resource.

Obligation: Optional

Repeatable: True

Range: String

Input Guidelines

Record any additional contextual information about the resource.

Access Guidelines

This should be information that does not fit in another descriptive field. For example, this field may include information that is related to the original context of resource creation, dissemination, etc., but does not fit in another field; and/or information local issues, observations, etc.


Context Example
Note about resource distribution This video was originally distributed by National Educational Television (NET).
Note about original condition of the resource The original document is missing page 5.
Incorrect volume, number, or page numbering
  • Incorrect [volume number, date, etc.], [incorrect date, volume number, or made up Roman numeral], printed on front page.
  • This newspaper issue has irregular page numbering
  • Pages 8 and 13 of this newspaper issue are numbered incorrectly.
Incorrect spelling
  • "[correct spelling]" misspelled as "[incorrect spelling]" on front page.
  • "Luis Alberti" misspelled as "Luis Alberty" on front page.
  • "Aqualeo" misspelled as "Aqueleo" in inscription.

Preservation Guidelines

In the preservation package, this field contains a human-readable value for the title of the provenance collection.

For archival projects, data in this field is automatically populated from the external documents field located in the resource record for the archival collection. The external documents are not automatically created in ArchivesSpace; the preservation administrator must add the Cedar preferred term and permalink to the resource record in ArchivesSpace.

For standard projects, data in this field is automatically populated from the Collection Title or ARK Url entered in the Carpenters “Items” tab.