Definition: A language of the resource.

Obligation: Required When Available

Repeatable: True

Range: Lexvo Code

Input Guidelines

Access Guidelines

DPLA MAP v4 Usage: Language(s) of described resource. Strongly recommended for text materials. Vocab Schema: Lexvo.

Choose language value(s) from the controlled list. Values are from the Lexvo vocabulary. For example:

Language Lexvo code (ISO 639-3)
Chinese zho
Croatian hrv
Dutch nld
English eng
Farsi fas
Finnish fin
French fre
German deu
Hebrew heb
Icelandic isl
Korean kor
Latin lat
Mandarin cmn (when using this code, enter code zho for Chinese as well)
Polish pol
Portuguese por
Serbian srp
Spanish spa
Turkish tur
Zapotec zap

Preservation Guidelines

This field is not included in the preservation package.