Definition: A related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included.

Obligation: Required When Available

Repeatable: True

Range: Collection

Input Guidelines

DPLA MAP v4 Usage: Collection or aggregation of which described resource is a part.

Access Guidelines

Name of repository, provenance collection, or digital collection to which the described resource belongs. Use the preferred form of a Collection.

Enter collection names in order from broadest to narrowest.


A single object in the Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference Collection would have the following entries in the Collection field in this order:

Preservation Guidelines

In the preservation package, this field contains the ARK for the controlled vocabulary term describing the archival collection, serial title, or other provenance collection.

For archival projects, data in this field is automatically populated from the external documents field located in the resource record for the archival collection. The external documents are not automatically created in ArchivesSpace; the preservation administrator must add the Cedar preferred term and permalink to the resource record in ArchivesSpace.

For standard projects, data in this field is automatically populated from the Collection Title or ARK Url entered in the Carpenters “Items” tab.