Definition: An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context.

Obligation: Optional

Repeatable: True

Range: String

Input Guidelines

Access Guidelines

DPLA MAP v4 Usage: ID of described resource within a given context.

An identifier that uniquely identifies the resource within a given context.


Type Example
Call Number NA271.S5
OCLC Number OCLC: 3449402
Archival Location ID 1996-007, Box 2, Folder 10

The Digital Object ARK is not a valid value for this field. The Digital Object ARK can be found in the Digital Object ARK field.

Preservation Guidelines

In the preservation package, this field contains the system-generated Preservation ARK. The Preservation ARK is automatically generated and stored in this field when SIPs are exported from Carpenters. The ARK in this field is not a URL.